Xcel Platinum Team

The Spokane Gymnastics Xcel Platinum Team is an advanced level of the Xcel program.

There is flexibility with elements on each of the four events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. On each apparatus there are time restrictions and requirements for minimum and maximum difficulty of skills. Each routine is strategically constructed to showcase the individual athlete’s personality and strengths within gymnastics.

The athletes are part of their team for the entire season. Teams form in summer, and the girls attend the Xcel team camp along with various team-building and fundraising activities. Other benefits include discounts for special events and free open gym during the competitive season.

Gymnasts perform two vaults, a bar and beam routine, plus a floor routine to instrumental music. Each girl competes an individualized routine with music of their choosing.

Team members receive individual scores on each event, their all around score, and at competitions with multiple teams, their team score and ranking.

At the beginning of the competitive season, the Xcel Platinum & Diamond team attends a practice meet at Spokane Gymnastics where they receive their scores with basic information on deductions from the judges. Besides an opportunity to get their jitters out in a supportive and encouraging environment, the purpose of this meet is for the gymnasts and their families to receive feedback and get clarity from the same officials who will judge future meets throughout the northwest. 

The Platinum Team competes at meets in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and if they receive a qualifying score in the regular season have the option to compete at the State Championship meet and the Regional Championship meet. The season concludes with a team banquet and sleepover after the final competition, typically late Spring.

The next step from Xcel Platinum is Xcel Diamond, which is the highest level in the Xcel program. While that is the highest level, each gymnast has an opportunity to keep growing their skills and adding more complex gymnastics into their routines. This is based on coach recommendation; factors include maturity, skills, the commitment and goals of the athlete and their support network, and ultimately what is in the best interest of each individual gymnast. It is not unusual for athletes to continue with the same team for multiple seasons.